KRC Rules & Policy

KRC Policy

Sr No. Borrowers No. of Books Loan Period Overdue charges
1 Teaching Staff 20 30 days Rs.2/- per day par book
2 Non-Teaching Staff 04 30 days -do-
3 MBA- Students 05 14 days -do-
4 MCA- Students 05 14 days -do-
5 Top Ten Students 07 30 days -do-
6 Research scholars 20 60 days -do-
Note: - Some books will be issued only for the period of three (3) days due to limited number of copies

KRC Rules

Any member who enters the KRC will sign the “KRC Visitor Register”.
Do not carry your personal belongings like bags, issued books, personal books files and folders etc. in the KRC stack room keep them at the property counter.
The KRC will be opened at 10.00am & will be closed at 06.00pm.
All members are required to maintain discipline in the KRC.
Rs. 50/- will be charged extra in case library card is lost.
Home Issue:-Students are allowed to carry Five (5) books at home on presentation of KRC card for one week.
Some books will be issued only for the period of three (3) days due to limited number of copies.
Two copies of same book and same author books will not be issued.
Issued books must be submitted on or before submission date. If a book is not returned within the stipulated time the student will be charged a fine of Rs. 2/- per book per day.
For Marking, Underlining, on the text, under the books, a penalty of Rs 100/- will be charged to the student or copy will be replaced.
If a book is found town, penalty of Rs 200/- will be charged to the student and he should replace the book with new copy.
If the book is lost by student, he will have pay 1.5 times the price of the book +late fine for the number of days as applicable.
The books issued in the reading room should be returned on the same day after reading, or before closing of KRC at 05.00pm. Book will not be carried home. Incase book is returned on next day a fine of Rs. 50/-per book will be charged
The students should write “In Time” and Signature in reading room entry register. While leaving the reading room “Out Time” be mentioned.
Members will observe KRC discipline i.e. they will not talk loudly in the KRC and not disturb others. KRC property books will not be mishandled and damaged in any case.
Obey the rules and instructions given by KRC staff