List of national journal MBA Year 2017-18

Sr No. Name of the Journals
1 Abhigyan-Foundation for Organisational Research and Education ISSN No.-0970 2385 UGC Code.-161
2 Arthashastra: Indian Journal of Economics & Research, UGC Code.-46761
3 Economic and Political Weekly ISSN No.-0012-9976
4 Harvard Business Review ISSN No.-0974-3855
5 Human Capital
6 IIMB Management Review ISSN No.-0970-3896 UGC Code.-30135
7 Indian Journal of Finance ISSN No.-0973-8711 UGC Code.-20774
8 Indian Journal of Marketing ISSN No.-0973-8703 UGC Code.-20802
9 Indian Journal of Research in Capital Markets UGC Code.-47227
10 Indian Management SSN No.-0019-5812
11 International Journal of Financial Management
12 IUP Journal of Corporate Governance ISSN No.-0972-6853
13 IUP Journal of Entrepreneurship Development ISSN No.-0973-2659
14 IUP Journal of Management Research ISSN No.-0972-5342
15 IUP Journal of Marketing Management (UGC-46867) ISSN No.-0972-6845
16 IUP Journal of Soft Skills (UGC-46862) ISSN No.-0973-8479
17 Journal of Commerce & Accounting Research ISSN No.-2277-2146
18 Prabandhan: Indian Journal of Management ISSN No.-0976-5743 UGC Code.-38263
19 Pratiyogita Darpan (English)
20 University News ISSN No.-0566-2257 UGC Code.-40938
21 Vikalpa (UGC-32631) ISSN No.-0256-0909
22 VSRD International Journal of Business & Management Research ISSN No.-2319-2194
23 The Smart Manager